Test Instructions Please Read The Instructions Carefully

Test Name: Sample UL Advanced Math

Math Exam Instructions:

If you like, you may print out a copy of the SSAT Score Sheet to practice recording your answers, just like you will on the official SSAT.

During the Practice Test:

  • Each correct answer will get a score of 1.
  • Each blank answer will get a score of 0.
  • Each wrong answer will result in a penalty of 0.25.
  • All questions are multiple choice. Each question will have 5 choices. Select the best answer.
  • Review All of Your Answers Before Submitting the test. You cannot go back once the test is submitted.
  • If you run out of time, all existing answers in the test will be automatically submitted.

At the End of the Practice Test:

  • After submitting the Practice Test, you will be able to see your results immediately by going to the “Score Analysis” tab.
  • Both student and parent will receive the test result via email from SSAT Advantage.
  • Remember, your PERCENTILE score is the score SSAT reports to the schools you are applying to. It indicates how well you did on this test when compared to students of your own grade and gender.

Work each problem in your head, or on a piece of paper. Look at the five suggested answers and decide which one is best. No calculators allowed.